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What Is A Southern Porch?

Our porch is hands down my favorite part of my house. Lots of people think Southern porches are designed to achieve a specific architectural aesthetic, but everyone around here knows the truth: porches are where you serve the people that spill. 

Get a closer look at the Blue Crab Rug.

Porches are where you have the party to keep the mess out–and to let the whole neighborhood know it’s open house. 

Porches are where you drink coffee in the morning and bird watch, and where you listen to the crickets and stargaze at night.  

Many problems of the world have been solved on my Southern front porch–or so we thought. Admittedly, we have also had some pretty crappy ideas right on that porch. Among family and friends, we have had some endearing tête-à-têtes, knock down drag outs, and we have even had a couple of people just fall off. 

All that saying, what happens on the porch stays with you forever. 

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