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I am  Celeste Haar, the founder and curator behind Magnolia Blvd, the premiere destination for thoughtfully curated and authentic Southern products. MagnoliaBlvd is is comprised of a team of wonderful Southern women, spanning 3 generations.  Magnolia Blvd is where we share all the beautiful, artisanal creations from around the South that we enjoy in our homes everyday –along with everything we love about Southern Living.

High quality, Southern inspired and handmade goods are what we know best. Spawned in 2011 doing craft shows in and around New Orleans and we've worked together from our NOLA Made headquarters in Lakeside Shopping Center in New Orleans ever since. In 2016, we launched our Magnolia Blvd website so that we could feature not only artisanal products from New Orleans artists, but from many truly creative people throughout the South.

We're experts at helping people find the perfect gift for a loved one that connects them to Southern food, art, history, and culture.

Having personal relationships with the artist featured on Magnolia Blvd means that we can proudly stand behind every item you find in our store. We use these products in our homes and give them as gifts to our family and loved ones. 

The items we curate are upscale but casual–without being pretentious or overpriced. We are authentic; if we love it, you will know it. If we do not, you will never see it on Magnolia Blvd. Quality is not negotiable, and neither is customer service and putting our best foot forward.

As the voices behind Magnolia Blvd, we're not just business owners–we're moms, wives, and friends. 

We thank you for visiting and look forward to helping you give the most thoughtfully curated Southern gifts available online to the people you care about.

Much Love,




Celeste Haar

Celeste Haar

Celeste Haar, wife to Dennis and Mom to Bailey, Maria and Mick William. Celeste was born and still lives in her beloved New Orleans, Louisiana.